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Purchase, Sales and Inventory System

     WinMarkSoft PSI system is suitable for wholesalers, department stores, kitchenware, gift and stationery, food and etc.


  • All-in-one system for purchase, inventory, sales, AR and AP management.

  • Clean & user0friendl interface.

  • Multi-units / price / currency management.

  • Collect real time data through RFID, barcode and simply key in technology.

  • Expandable system function. (Contact CS for further information)

  • Could version available. (Contact CS for further information)

Value added:

  • Data is centralized in a server and shared to every staff

  • Create automatization, superior quality and high yield enterprise image; greatly enhance customer's confidence.

  • Trigger an instant action from staff to obtain sustainable improvement on customer's satisfactoriness and cost effectiveness by tackling below:

    • dead stock

    • stock turnover rate

    • accounts management

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