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Real Time Data Collection System

     WinMarkSoft real time data collection system is well established for any kind of production environment.


  • Transforms all the data delayed traditional production management system to a real time management system.

  • Suitable for any kind of labour intensive working environment and industries.

  • Collect real time data through RFID, barcode, industrial sensor and simply key-in technology.

  • Support alert light and mobile platforms such as iOS, android and etc.

Value added:

  • Customise the formula to quickly calculate wages.

  • Indication to optimize performance for both workers and machineries.

  • Create automatization, superior quality and high yield enterprise image; greatly enhance customer's confidence.

  • Trigger an instant action from supervisors to obtain sustainable improvement on workmanship and efficiency by tackling below:

    • bottleneck issues

    • quality problems

    • efficiency problems

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